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Let the record note that I LOVE Mr. Ballson!! Really well done, you've absolutely smashed the theme (no pun intended)


Great video dude! I'm happy you like it! :D

It's soo satisfying to watch people play your game, and not just hear feedback, it doesn't just give you their thoughts but also their reactions to each element, and your video was very insightful and I'll probably apply some of the things I've learned in my next game!

And it seems those bombs under the rebel bases where a bit poorly planned lol, I should've added a cutscene to the end of the levels where it zooms out and blows everything up, that would've been awesome!!

fantastic entry! interesting take on destruction, i really enjoyed it! that last puzzle was tough, took me a number of tries but I appreciate the difficulty. the dual purpose of shooting was a great idea as well. great work.

Dang, that was hard. A bit difficult to navigate without the shadow.

Rebels have been exterminated 

I just want to note that the webgl can get a bit laggy, so if david's going to livestream the games, he should use the windows version