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Gather resources.

Defend the flowers.

Expand the forest.


Defend your flowers from bees. If all your flowers are destroyed then you lose. You can kill bees by building guns. Guns use bullets, which are produced with the bullet factory, a building that can be built from the building menu.

Build things by clicking on an empty white square and clicking on the thing you want to build on the bottom panel. The price is displayed next to the button.

Upgrade things by clicking on a white square with a building and then clicking on the upgrade you want on the bottom panel. You need 'Goo' in order to buy upgrades, and you get goo from 'Goo' factories that can be built from the building menu.


Shop/Upgrades can be accessed with number keys. 'E' to expand territory and 'D' to destroy the currently selected building.


The different buildings, and their upgrades, are:

MineIs built on flowers and produces 5 honey and 1 bullet every 2 seconds.* Speed up; Increases production speed up to 4 times(0.5 seconds between produce).
GunShoots bees. Consumes 1 bullet per shot.* Speed up; Fires faster.
* Range up; Larger range.
* Bullet efficiency up; Consumes fewer bullets per shot.
Bullet factoryProduces 1 bullet every 0.8 seconds.* Speed up; Increases production speed up to 4 times(0.2 seconds between produce).
Goo factoryProduces 1 bullet every 20 seconds.* Speed up; Increases production speed up to 20 times(1 second between produce).

I hope you enjoy!


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I really liked the game

Bee sound is a little annoying after a while.

health bar or something like that might be usefull


for some reason text covers up the third upgrade for guns, efficiency and I cant click it.

but neat game, and I especially like the balance. towards the end selling all the goo towers for leaf ones, then at the very end all guns and imminent death

I think fullscreen should fix the text covering the button, I didn't really bother fixing all the resolution scaling issues for the gui lol

cute game I died as soon as the big fly came

They are really tricky, but you can survive it if you upgrade your guns enough ;D